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Hiraco is a thirty year old company from Mumbai, India. Helmed by a man of vision and passion, the Founder, Dayabhai Sutariya has taken the company from strength to strength.

We expanded to become the largest manufacturers of white Natts globally for over 30 years, gradually moving into Real Estate, Renewable Energy and Venture Capital

Our promoters believe in a better future, which is why we entered the Lab Grown Diamond market, to ensure ethically sourced sustainable jewellery..

‘We are governed by the simple desire to give our customers
the finest quality at the best price’

Mr. Dayabhai Sutariya


Lab Grown Diamonds are exactly the same as Mined Diamonds.One is created under the earth, the other is created through intense heat and pressure in a state-of-the-art facility. Lab Grown Diamonds have the same hardness, lustre and fire as mined diamonds.s

They never lose their shine or color and are also cut and polished in the same way. No Jeweler, Diamond Merchant or even a Customer with a loupe or microscope can tell one apart from the other.

The end result is a beautiful grown diamond, identical to it’s mined


The CVD diamond making process begins with a diamond seed being placed into a growth chamber. A carbon-rich diamond growing enviroment is then created and maintained for a few weeks. This diamond undergoes the same natural crystallization form, as a naturally mined diamond, thereby, creating a CVD diamond.

Created diamonds undergo the same process of cutting and polishing as a mined diamond. Since the entire process of ‘mining’ is skipped while creating a CVD diamond, they are environmentally friendly, conflict free and most of all can’t be termed as ‘Blood Diamonds’.

They never lose their shine or color and are also cut and polished in the same way. No Jeweler, Diamond Merchant or even a Customer with a loupe or microscope can tell one apart from the other.

Our Lab Grown Diamonds are grown in a state-of-the-art
facility with the finest technology.

The HPHT process recreates the magic of Mother Nature. A diamond seed is placed into the HPHT reactor along with carbon and subjected to intensely high temperature and pressure. Through this heat and pressure, the carbon changes form and becomes a diamond.

Our diamonds are then cut in our factory by our skilled labor, with over 30 years of experience, giving you the finest quality diamonds.

The sheer destruction caused by diamond mining is a reality few are familiar with.

Over 1750 square feet of earth needs to be moved to produce a 1 carat diamond. The land mined to produce diamonds is unusable for the next 100 years.Entire species of animals have become endangered and lost their homes and lives due to diamond mining.

Diamond mining also pollutes groundwater reserves, leading to contamination of the water supply.

onflict diamonds are diamonds that are sold by warring countries, used to buy arms that lead to the death of their own countrymen or innocent neighbors. Over 4 million people have lost their lives due to conflict diamonds.

Grown diamonds are created through non-polluting technology.
They have caused no deaths, have not polluted the environment
and give you the joy of owning a beautiful lustrous diamond.


We produce jewelry-grade diamonds. VAJRÁYAN diamonds are made from Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) to form lab-grown diamonds - also defined as ‘Diamonds grown under highest standards of processes, which retains its value and authenticity, adding a touch of luxury’.

We offer from loose diamonds to exclusive luxury diamond jewelry.


Vajrayan Jewellery is a brand built on the passion to create exquisite diamond jewellery that celebrates every woman’s beauty. The jewellery designs speak of a sophisticated, elegant yet progressive style. Every jewel in our collection brings supreme craftsmanship and high quality diamonds that express eternity.



A fascinating blend of the timeless beauty of France with the intricate motifs of India. This collection defines intricacy with a modern touch.


The coastline

The Riviera collection is dedicated to the sun, sand and the waters of the ocean, which is interpreted by flowing and cascading diamonds, as well an underwater garden of precious stones in shades of the ocean and colours of the sand.

le jardin

The Spring Garden

The spring garden collection symbolizes the season of new life, fascinating foliage, colorful flowers and delicate butterflies in forms of earrings, rings and pendants, thereby embracing the natural beauty of mother nature and the strong bond we have with her.

Le Favori


Le Favori collection has the jewelry basics with the best refined rings, minimalist bangles, rings with charms, mini hoop earrings and diamond solitaire necklaces for everyday wear. This collection adds a stylish twist to basic wardrobe staples with scintillating diamonds that will always be timeless.


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Increase your Profit and set yourself apart.Apply now to become an Authorized Distributor.w Vajrayan Jewellery is the perfect partner for distributors and retailers who want and need clean, eco conscious, high quality and value of lab grown diamond jewellery for their customers. Vajrayan offers all of the beauty, brilliance and scintillation of mined diamonds, and when compared to stones of equal color, cut, clarity and carat weight, provide you with significant savings, so you will never have to choose between quality and conscience.

Our goal is to build strong, lasting partnerships with our clients. We are looking at relationships that go far beyond the simple buying and selling of quality jewellery at attractive prices.


Why Us?

100% identical to Mined Diamonds. Lab grown diamonds have the exact same chemical, physical and optical properties as mined diamonds. They have the same luster, fire and hardness that last’s forever. The only difference is their origin; one is created by destroying the Earth and the other through the evolution of technology.


Our diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free and ethically sourced. Their origin is a high-tech environment built to grow the finest diamonds. No lives have ever been lost or wars funded to bring this beautiful gemstone to you.

Environmentally Friendly

Over 1750sq feet of Earth needs to be moved to find a single carat of mined diamonds. The mining process itself destroys the Earth, leaving it unusable for 100 years. Entire forests are wiped out to mine diamonds, resulting in the loss of countless animals lives.Our grown diamonds are environmentally friendly and have no negative ecological impact.

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